UTP-MEDICS - Cancellation Policy

Cancellations of Prepaid Appointments:

  1. For any online prepaid appointment, the customer can cancel his/her scheduled appointment without any charges till 3 hours before the appointment. In such cases, we will refund the amount paid for appointment subject to bank charges and other deductions by third parties.
  2. Appointment cancellation has to be carried out by the customer through the UTP-Medics web/app. We do not entertain cancelation requests through phone or email.
  3. Occasionally, appointments may be canceled or postponed by the Third-Party Service Provider (Doctor, Clinic, Hospital, Lab, Pharmacy etc). Should this occur, we will attempt to contact and inform the customer and he/she may reschedule the appointment as per their convenience or visit UTP-Medics web/app for re-booking.

Rescheduling of Prepaid Appointments:

  1. A Customer may reschedule his/her appointment i.e., book appointment for a different date and time; with the same Third-Party Service Provider for the same type of healthcare service, till 3 hours before the appointment.
  2. All re-schedule requests will be subject to bank processing fee and these charges will be applied as is to the customer.
  3. In case of re-scheduling, if there is any difference in the charges for re-scheduled appointment, we will collect the differential amount from the customer.

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