UTP-MEDICS - Frequently asked questions?

Frequently asked questions?

Q: Is my payment secure?

A: We use third party vendors for payment processing who make sure your payment is secure according to the latest security standards.

Q: Do you save credit card information?

A: We do not store any information related to credit cards, online wallets, bank accounts and any other financial information.

Q: How secure is my personal information?

A: For security purposes, we use secure socket layer (SSL) to ensure no one can access your personal or banking information. We do not retain your banking information.

Q: What type of account can I use to pay online?

A: You can use a checking, savings, debit or credit cards, online wallets and other digital payment methods to pay for your appointments.

Q: Is there any service fee applicable on online payments?

A: There are no additional service charges for making online payment for appointments.

Q: Do I get a refund in case of cancellation?

A: Please refer to the refunds section in payments terms and condition.

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